Manchester 4x4 Action - Riders of the Apocalypse

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4x4 skeleton

On Saturday, a group of cyclists pissed off with the ever increasing amount of dirty, dangerous and downright ridiculous 4x4s which are accelerating climate Armageddon took to their bikes and donned skeleton outfits to shame 4x4 drivers.

Dressed as skeletons and wearing high vis jackets saying: “4 x 4 = POLLUTION� they cycled along Deansgate surrounding 4x4s as they drove (and sat in traffic mostly), letting the driver and everyone around know just what they thought about their choice of transport.
The fancy dress, slogans on their backs and just the sight of something different going on attracted lots of attention (its not every day a skeleton rides round Manchester!). Most of it was positive, except from the drivers who tried to escape (in shame), only to be swiftly followed down side streets! Numerous parked 4x4s were given ‘Poor Vehicle Choice’ Parking tickets including Satan’s own car of choice; the Hummer.
This was part of Saturday Clubs’ month of actions on transport which include: Get Clued Up; a night of films, food and information about the problems with cars and the safe, clean alternatives. The Basement (24 Lever St, Manchester) at 7pm on Thursday Feb 16th
Street theatre on aviation is planned for the 18th February, meet at the Basement (24 Lever St) 12pm. (email for details)
Also subverts are popping up around Manchester targeting cars and 4x4s in particular - keep em coming
There really is no excuse for driving a 4x4 in the city. It’s not safe, it’s not healthy and it most certainly is not cool. Some of the reasons 4x4s are hated so much are:
* 4x4s are incredibly inefficient, financially and in terms of energy use;
* 1â?„4 of UK CO2 emissions are from vehicles, 4x4s produce far more than cars;
* 4x4s are involved in 25% more accidents than cars (putting drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and children at risk), they are particularly dangerous to children as the driver is too high up to see them;
* Climate change is happening, now. We all have a responsibility to stop it, driving a 4x4 is not taking responsibility;
* Ground level pollution from a 4x4 is equivalent to that from two estate cars, worsening asthma (especially in children) and other respiratory problems;
* The pollution inside a 4x4 is pretty bad too, as well as the obvious risks to health posed by sitting on your backside all the time;
* Only 5% of 4x4s are ever taken off road – there really is no need for them!
(source: Alliance Against Urban 4x4s)

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