Impregilo demo'd over Iceland Dam


This morning, activists visited the offices of Impregilo New Cross Ltd, part of the company which is building the controversial Karahnjukar Dam in Iceland.

The five campaigners turned up at 85e Centurion Court, Milton Park outside of Abingdon with banners, leaflets & drums. Wandering in to the first floor open plan office, they proceeded to speak to all the employees, including the senior management. One person met with the finance director of the company who promised to scan the leaflet i and send it to their head office in Italy.

Everyone was remarkably polite and listened to what we had to say. Many of them had already heard about the dam, and we had to explain to them that it was not too late for Impregilo to pullout of this disaster waiting to happen.
Afterwards, an impromptu samba set was performed outside while all the cars in the area were leaftetted.
The police finally caught up with us (we'd seen them waiting on the way in) as we waited at the bus-stop to go home. Frankly they'd no clue what was going on.

We will be back doing another Iceland Dam target in a few weeks. Get in touch if you are interested in coming along.

Oxford Autonomous Action
oxautomact AT

Impregilo New Cross Ltd
Phone: 01235 831861
Fax: 01235 831038
Address: 85e Centurion Court, Milton Park, Abingon, OX14 4RY
The international lawyers for the Impregilo Group, having acted on a number of projects for them are Davies Arnold Cooper - see -with offices in the UK, Spain & Mexico

Contact the head of Impregilo:

I'm not sure what all this Iceland stuff is about, I'm just a poor university professor who also happens to be on the Trilateral Commission and Chairman of the Impregilo Group. Please let me know what it is that my company is supposed to be doing.
Professor Paolo Savona
LUISS-Guido Carli University
Viale Pola, 12
0198 Rome, Italy