manchester neighbourhood of camp for climate action - meetings & events

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Manc cliimate nieghbourhood flier front

The Camp for Climate Action is a space to: take action against climate change; provide information on climate change and its causes; share and live practical solutions; network with other people campaigning on all the aspects of climate change.

The Manchester Neighbourhood is responsible for raising awareness of the camp and the issues in Manchester, build up links of people in manchester wanting to take action on climate change. The neighbourhood will be a space at the camp that
will consist of a meeting space for the manchester group, camping space, kitchen to feed manchester group, workshops and activities.

Saturday 4th March 10am The Basment 24 Lever St: Jumble Sale

Sunday 26th March 6pm The Basment, 24 Lever St M1: Bill Hicks film
night with vegan pizza and chips All for only £3 donation

Wednesday 19th April 7pm The Basement, 24 Lever St M1: Open Mic Poetry Night with special guests. Tasy vegan curry available. £2 donation

The Manchester neighbourhood meet every 1st and 3rd Tues
at 6pm at The Basement 24 Lever St M1 Everyone welcome!

Plus dosummat are putting on monthly info nights,workshops and actions around climate change and the climate camp for more info see or email info AT

There is also a wider meeting for the climate camp that takes place monthly where you can get involved in working groups etc. for more info see or email info AT


manchester AT