Tree Protest Camp established at Shepton Mallet, Somerset. People needed

A Tree Protest Camp has been established at Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Its aim is to protect 300 to 400 mature decsidious trees from being felled to make way for a new TESCO store. There is strong local support for the camp. People are needed to help out at the camp. A war memorial is also set to be relocated for the store.

TESCO are planning to build their 2nd store in Shepton Mallet. The camp has been established on the site to prevent work from commencing. So far the camp consits of a tree house and ground structures.

It is expected that Tesco will have to go through legal channels to evict the camp. No court date is yet set. The camp currently believe that Tesco will be exposed in court for not having legally gained permission to build the store. Tesco are claiming there are only around 200 trees on site.

A Parish Poll was conducted by the council over the issue of relocating the War Memorial. Through this poll local people voted for it to stay in place.

People are needed at the camp to help keep Tesco from beginning work.

The camp can be contacted on 07749 110689.

The usual things are needed at the camp to make it strong and safe:
Tarpaulins, Cooking utensils, food, rope, polyprop (rope), climbing harnesses (and general gear), tools, bedding, etc.

Shepton Mallet is located on the A361 between Glastonbury and Frome. Nearest train stations. Castle Cary (about 8 miles), Frome (about 9 miles). The camp is in a patch of woodland behind the Cenotaph at the south end of Townsend Road. The Cenotaph is at the top of the High Street