Simultanious sabotage of peat extraction sites (near Manchester)

Simultaniously last month two peat extraction sites were sabotaged in defence of wild places.

At Chat Moss near Manchester a peat extraction site owned by Joseph Metcalf Ltd was sabotaged. Two excavators had their engines wrecked, locks were glued, and around a hundred specialist tyres, on hoppers and harrows, were slashed. The operations of this company have destroyed Chat Moss and are now threatening the Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Astley Moss and local SSSI's.

At Lindlow Moss near Wilmslowe a peat extraction site owned by Croghan Hill Horticulture a subsiduary of EJ Godwin of Glastonbury was sabotaged. Four tractors and JCB's had their engines sabotaged and locks glued, buildings were sprayed. Since being purchased by Godwin the site's activities have increased dramatically destroying the rich wildlife habitats of Lindlow Moss.

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