Dalston Theatre occupation - Update Saturday 25th & flyer text

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Dalston theatre occupation 7

The occupation of the Labyrinth Theatre and the two buildings opposite is continuing and gaining in strenght. The buildings are being cleared up and getting ready to open to the public as a social centre and a community resource. The theatre itself is still illegaly 'occupied' by workers from Hackeny council's contractors, which intend to demolish it, and it is being defended by an activist that has been on the roof continuously since Monday morning.

Many local people, fed up with the continuous gentrification of the borough, are now showing support with the occupiers. Local shops bring food and drinks, a firm of local lawyers is willing to defend the occupation in court, whilst local groups and campaigns, such as the Open Dalston campaign, are visiting the place and offering support and advice.

The activists maintain the call for people to go down there to show solidarity with the occupation, as well as to help clearing up the building and getting involved in the poject. People are also welcome to just drop by and have a chat and share ideas for the project. There is also a call for people to help resist any fruther attempts of eviction. The address is 4-14 Dalston Lane, London E8.

Text of the flyer of the Dalston Theatre occupation

On Sunday night we occupied Dalston theatre to raise the question of who should decide about how we want our community to be regenerated, and to resist the planned demolition of the building.

There has been no genuine consultation about the future of the theatre with the local community, and we feel that the proposed redevelopment of this valuable community space will not benefit the local residents. Therefore, we feel that the local people should decide how best to make use this historical building for the benefit of everyone.

We are legally occupying the building. Therefore, on Monday, when the builders entered the theatre (to start the preparations for the demolition) they were breaking the law. They ignored the Legal Warning, and they irresponsibly trapped one of us by closing all the entrances to the buiding. This put us in danger, and forced one of us to go up to the roof.

Everywhere when the development of an area takes place, it greatly affects the lives of the local people in one way or another. With their plan, the council and the developers don't properly consider the local people who will have to live with the consequences.

We witness almost in a daily basis, the closing down of public places to be sold for the profit of the few. Nurseries, schools, community centres, theatres, and our green open spaces are being turned into places such as yuppie flats so to "regenerate" the area. A a result, house prices go up, making the lives of local people more difficult.

At the moment we can't offer tea & coffee, but please come and visit us and let us know your thoughts on the future plans for the theatre.