EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE community space in Hackney is open!

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Dalston theatre occupation 8

As of this morning (monday February 27th 2006) a new social centre is open in Dalston lane Hackney. All are welcome especially those with skills or experiance that could be useful to the space

The Theatre on Dalston lane Hackney has been occupied by activists and locals who are sick of the corrupt Labour council selling off community resources.

They would be very pleased to see anyone who would like to make a positive contribution to this project. From today part of the ground floor opens as a social space. The plan is to return the entire building to community but that will take a lot of work.

Anyone who can bring: Candles, torches, paint, brushes, tools, glass, securing and insulating materials, food, tea, cutlery, cups,furniture, toilet rolls creativity and enthusiasm will be particularly welcome. Help is needed publicising the project.

On Wednesday (March 1st) the whole issue goes to the High Court. Everyone is asked to come down there (Its on the Strand) at 10.30 with banners freinds and noise. From 12.00 steps will be taken to secure the occupation from eviction.