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Eviction Aruga!!


Baliffs attempted to evict the site today (saturday) and were only stopped by the police, who apparently had not been informed. People are needed desperately, as eviction could now go ahead tommorow. The perimeter of the site is now guarded by security, so please phone the site phone 07749 110689 if you intend to come (please do!!). Tesco Vs Trees - WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT??

the site of this occupation is in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Tesco plan to build a big new supermarket in the centre of this depressed town, on the edge of the Mendip Hills, despite already having one on the outskirts. Rather than expand their existing site they wish to develop an area formerly occupied by warehouses and factories. How the new complex will aid or disadvantage the small traders in the nearby town centre is open to argument.

To find the site (only 3 miles from the Glastonbury festival site) park in Station Road at the top (south) end of the High Street and look for the blue tarp up the tree. The security contractors seem to be trying to prevent access to and from the site. Walk round and use your nous.