Manchester: Successful Critical Mass dispersed by police

Manc Feb Critical Mass busted 2
Manc Feb Critical Mass busted 1

A successful Critical Mass in Manchester was eventually stopped and dispersed by the police last Friday.

The bicycle ride started at the Central Library with circa 30 riders. It was this winter's most successful one, despite the freezing temperatures.

After an hour or so, a police van and 5 police cars blocked the cyclists' way, issued a man with a caution and everyone else with a warning. A handful of people cycled away before they had their names taken, although the cops had threatened with arrest in this case.

Critical Mass was declared an illegal assembly and riders were threatened with arrest in the case of forming a group again on the same day. Indeed Critical Mass did not reconvene, although most people found their way back to Manchester's social centre for a cup of tea.

Next Critical Mass will be on March 31st. Turn out in numbers to defend your right to cycle in groups. Meet us on the steps of the central library at 6 pm.