Solidarity South Pacific Newsletter # 3 published

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Solidarity South Pacific

Solidarity South Pacific was set up in 2002 to provide support to tribal, ecological and other radical struggles in the South Pacific. Our 3rd newlsetter was published in October 05 and includes news of guerilla struggle, anti-logging activities, prisoner support work, eco-revolution and a mining executive eaten by a crocodile!

For your free copy send an S.A.E to: Re-pressed, 145-149 Cardigan road, Leeds, LS6 1LJ, England.
It will soon also be available in PDF format on our webpage -

We are always pleased to hear from anyone who can help with distribution by taking some for stalls, info-shops and the like, or can review it in zines or newspapers. We are also interested in feedback and constructive criticism of the newsletter and the activities it covers. Contact

At any one time SSP will be involved in supporting prisoners and raising money for our various direct aid funds. From time to time we also put out calls for solidarity actions. Please check out our website and subscribe to our (very low traffic) email list to be kept up to date with these activities.