Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill campaigners hand in petition & banner drop

NAIL petition handing in 1


It is expected the Council will make a decision regarding the proposed expansion of Eastcroft incinerator later this month. On Monday (6th March) people from the Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill (NAIL) campaign handed over 3019 signatures to councillors at the Council House, Market Square at 12.30 - 1pm. Many came in support, to show that people in Nottingham prefer clean air and recycling to waste turned into pollution.

NAIL petition handing in 2

Press Release.
Nottingham Residents Say No More

NAIL (Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill) campaigners today (Monday 6 March) will be presenting a petition to Nottingham City Council.

Since the announcement last year that Waste Recycling Group plan to expand their Eastcroft incinerator, NAIL campaigners have been asking the public to sign their petition calling on the Council to block planning permission. NAIL has obtained almost 3000 signatures, which will be presented to Councillor Darren Mathews prior to the full council meeting.

NAIL spokesperson Jon Beresford said;
We want our elected council to oppose the expansion of the highly polluting, unnecessary incinerator. The Council should be treating our waste as a valuable resource that should be recycled to save pollution and conserve the earths dwindling resources, we want to ditch the 'quick fix' dirty habits of incineration.

The petition calls on the council to implement full recycling and aspire for best practice, not simply meet the statutory minimum levels. Nottingham currently has one of the lowest recycling levels in the UK, if we maximised recycling and composting there would be no need for the current two incinerators, let alone this expansion.

The report by the Planning Officer is awaited before the decision goes to the planning committee for a final vote, which is expected as early as this Month.

The petition will be handed to Councillor Darren Mathews at 1pm 6 March in from of the council house.
Protestors will be gathering from 12:45 with placards and banners, this will make a good photo opportunity.
A copy of the petition is attached, currently 2964 signatures have been obtained.

For further information contact;
Jon Beresford NAIL on 07906 166002 Mobile or 0845 4582813 Land line


Further to the success of Mondays (6th March) gathering / protest when people from the Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill (NAIL) campaign, handed over 3019 signatures to councillors at the Council House, Market Square, further action had been planned.

NAIL March banner drop 1

On Tuesday, more concerned local residence did a further banner drop in a couple of street in Sneinton. The last being done in November last year, also being considered a great success.

Neighbours and local residents came out in support, to show that people in Nottingham prefer clean air and recycling to waste turned into pollution.

Starting in the morning, a banner was hung across Lord Nelson Street, proclaiming the message:
"Breath Easy" + "Clean Air?"

NAIL March banner drop 2

After a little refreshment, folks went on to Sneinton Boulevard where another was hung in the shadow of the monstrosity at issue.
"Stop the Incineration Expansion" + "Give Sneinton Better Recycling Facilities".

It was cold, wet, windy and raining, but folks persevered, and all hoisted up to a cheer.

All was going swimmingly until ..... the forces of oppression arrived to try and spoil the party.

NAIL March banner drop 3

"Who gave you permission to do that here?" was the opening repost of our friendly Neighbourhood warden. "Take that down now". Folk then received the attention of 3 wardens [you can never find one, when you want one, can you?]. Polite words were exchanged. I was told to stop taking photographs [again]. I pointed out it was a public place and thus persisted ..... However, as you see, he did think it was alright to take our photograph. ['tis all a mystery, innit :-)]
The Team Leader 9950 scowled, and went away to take further advice over his mobile phone.

The banner went up, and was made safe. Some of the neighbours came out and said all was ok with them. And all went away ....!