Hulme Developer gets a Roasting (Manchester)

Hulme digger on fire
Digger trashed in action relating to 25 mature trees being felled in Manchester

A property developer, who plans to build on the Loretto College Playing Fields, got a visit from upset local people early on Tuesday 29th July. Around 25 mature trees on the playing fields have recently been destroyed and a large JCB digger has started ground works.

Local people despair at the useless politicians who get voted in for 3-5 years, then enclose green spaces, close swimming baths and sell off schools and playing fields. These are all sold to private developers, who are only there to make money for their shareholders, not our local community.

People broke into the large digger using cutters and doused the cab, electronics and computer in paraffin. Then standing back, threw in the spark. Damage has been estimated at up to £100,000.

Hopefully insurance companies and contractors get the message. Developers who destroy our community green spaces, close footpaths and kill our trees, are not welcome.

It is sad that new diggers only take around a month to build, mature trees take a life time.


There has been a group set up by local residents in response to this unexpected felling of mature trees.

We are a collective mainly based in Hulme but with a network of organisations supporting our cause from all over the city. Our aim is to halt to further expansion of the construction in Birley Fields as well as to activley protect our green spaces that we are sadly loosing by the day.
Through non-violent, peaceful but direct action we will prevail.
Rally interested people to this egroup and we can start the resistance to the destruction of our area, stand up for the environment which we so desperatley need and prove that people power is all we need to make a difference.