Shepton Mallet 2nd eviction coming!!!!

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Eviction Aruga!!


The second Shepton Mallet, anti tescos, anti corperations, pro trees protest site is still going strong! But the word about town is the eviction will take place if not Tuesday 14th then definatly Wednesday 15th. We need people!!!!!!!

The protest site on Station Road, Shepton Mallet is small but powerful. It is in full view of passers by. It is not only a protest site against the felling of beautiful, essential trees but also against the capitalist greed of corperations such as tescos.

It is now looking certain that the eviction will take place by Wednesday 15/03. People are urgently needed to help. The site is getting ready but the more activists that can make their way to Shepton the harder their job will be. After all the name of the game for corperations such as tescos is money - lets cost them every penny we can. EVERY LITTLE HELPS!!!