NUCLEAR POWER? NO WAY Demo and Campaigning day 29th April

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No Way Nukes Day leaflet

Nuclear Power? No Way?
A Campaigning day in Manchester on the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.
Commemorate the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl and join our opposition to a new nuclear generation.

Meet at The Basement, 24 Lever St, 11.45am 29th April WEAR BLACK. Procession arrives at Cross St Chapel 12.45pm

Speakers, stalls, workshops, information.
1pm-5.30pm, 29th April Cross Street Chapel, Cross St, Manchester

20 years ago, Chernobyl proved just how dangerous nuclear power can be: the effects are still being felt by local populations. Now the UK government looks set to approve new nuclear power stations despite widespread concern. The nuclear industry, which stands to make huge profits from renewed investment in nuclear energy, claims that nuclear is necessary both to meet increased demand, and to reduce carbon emissions.

The campaigning day will contribute towards forming a local network of people opposed to nuclear new build.

Workshops include:
Renewable Energy
Direct Action against climate change and nuclear power
Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapon Proliferation
What you Can do

Speakers: Linda Walker (Chernobyl Childrens Project UK) - The legacy of Chernobyl
Peter Bunyard (Science Editor, The Ecologist) - Nuclear power is not the answer to climate change
Roger Higman (Friends of the Earth) - Campaigning against nuclear power
Chaired by Rae Street, CND

Organised by GM & D CND, MAnchester Friends of the Earth, and Greater Manchester Greenpeace.

More info gmdcnd AT