They want to cut down our trees!! Can you help me??

They want to cut me down!
This isn't the actual weeping willow that is to be felled but it is as beautiful as this fine specimen.

I live in Yeovil, Somerset & the local housing association (South Somerset Homes) has put in a planning application for 33 new homes on my estate.

Part of this development will be to fell 5 tree's! A beautiful weeping willow, 3 silver Birches & a lime tree!!!

This estate is already a red brick jungle & with more houses & less tree's it will be so much worse!

The tree's are a huge softening effect on the area as well as helping to clean the polluted air we breath with the high traffic surrounding us. They also provide the feeling of a little privacy.

I know this is small fry compared to the other environmental atrocities going on in the world but ALL tree's are important & needed in this day & age!

Contact me via Email if you think you can help me or pass me on to some else who can please!

Thank you for your time
Karen :o)