No More Roads and Runways! skillshare May 19-21st

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Roads n Runways webflyer

No More Roads and Runways!
a skillshare to empower and energise you and your campaign

Do you want to...
Plan effective strategy and action?
Take dynamic nonviolent direct action?
Make quick decisions on your actions?
Know your legal rights?
Attract new members to your campaign group,and keep them?
Meet other roads and runways activists from around the UK and share your experience?
...then, come for 1 day or for the whole weekend


Friday May 19th
Arrival from 6pm onwards

Saturday May 20th
Introduction to direct action and the law plus strategy, action planning and building your campaign group

Sunday May 21st
More advanced direct action techniques (blockading, using tripods, treetop actions) and legal support plus strategy, action planning and building your campaign group


Near Oxford
Dormitory accommodation and vegan food provided
Donations towards cost much appreciated


for more information contact Seeds for Change
0845 458 4776
skillshare AT
Places are limited, so booking is essential


You can download the leaflet and print it out to give to others.
No More Roads and Rundways Leaflet - PDF, 1.7MB:

Want the skills, but can't make the skillshare?

Seeds for Change can come to your roads or runways group with a workshop tailored to your needs. Workshops are free to grassroots groups.

We rely on your donations to continue our work.
If you like what we do please consider making a donation to Seeds for Change