talking CCTV cameras nicked wholesale, in Wakefield!


Thieves broke into Business Homes' new business park in Wakefield last week and stole the 60 cameras and sensors that made up its "state of the art security system".

The theft was particularly embarrassing given that two of the site's occupants are HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and HM Prisons Service.

"This was a seriously sophisticated system," insists director Simon Houlston, prompting me to ask how the burglars did away with it.

"There are cameras hooked up to a central office in Blackburn," he says. "If the men watching the screens see a burglar they send a message out on loudspeakers to the office warning them to leave.

Unfortunately, in this case the thieves just didn't listen. "One other person did, though. The old lady next door later told us she had heard the voice of God, last night, telling her, in a strong Lancashire accent, to leave the vicinity as soon as possible."

(from The Telegraph)