Manchester anti-nuke demo report (& video)

On Saturday 29th March, the 20th aniversary of Chernobyl was commemorated with a procession through the city centre to Cross St Chapel, where talks about nuclear power were held.

Demonstrators wore all black and held letters spelling out 'remember Chernobyl'. An autonomous bloc left the main procession and went into shops with banners against nuclear power and climate change. They were quickly ejected from the Arndale Centre, although when the security staff thought the protestors had left, they were spotted reading their leaflets about nuclear power and the upcoming climate camp.

The autonomous bloc then marched through the city centre to Piccadilly Gardens, where a car promotion event was being held. Protestors tried to persuade staff at the event to put their leaftets in the bags of promotional material being handed out. However, the staff refused as they were worried about being told off by their boss. Unknown to the staff, leaflets against nuclear power and advertising the climate camp had already been left on promotional cars.

The video shows the days events.

Anti-nuclear demo footage - video/x-ms-wmv 104M: