Invitation - women-only action camp weekend

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Aldermaston Womens Camp flier 7/06

From evening of 7 to evening of 9 July, Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp is hosting an action-oriented event outside Britain's nuclear weapons factory. There is also a (mixed gender) Block the Builders action on the Monday 10 July at Aldermaston, with possibility of women-only action (if enough women come down over the weekend)

Women! Join us! Take action! Resist!

Get inspired and empowered with other women taking action on a range of issues, including nuclear weapons, war and violence, patriarchal power.

This is meant to be a fun weekend with a few workshops and practical trainings, with lot of opportunities to get to know each other and plot, plan and scheme for the downfall of the military-industrial complex (etc etc) .. well, maybe...

Use link for further details. Drop us a line if you are coming :)