Climate Camp to target UK's largest power station

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Drax the Destroyer


Yesterday it was announced that the Camp for Climate Action will target Drax, the largest power station in Europe and the single largest emiter of carbon dioxide in the UK.

Alison Templeton from the Camp for Climate Action said:
"The only solution to climate change is a drastic cut in our energy
consumption. Drax continues to belch out emissions while we are staring catastrophe in the face. It has to go."

The Camp for Climate Action will be held in ‘Megawatt Valley’, near Leeds, home of Drax, Eggborough and Ferrybridge power stations. The camp promises education about climate change, sustainable living, and direct action targeting those responsible for the worst emissions.

The Camp for Climate Action is inspired by environmental protest camps such as the Newbury Bypass campaign, and the Eco-village in Stirling, which was a base for anti-capitalist protests at the G8 in 2005.

The camp will be held from 26th August - 4th September. Powered by alternative energy, the camp will demonstrate practical solutions in action. The camp will offer information, education and space for debate on the science and politics of tackling climate change. There will be practical skills to learn, from ideas for sustainable living to strategies for taking action.

Activist Zoe Armstrong said: "Climate change casts a huge shadow over our society. Governments and corporations cannot solve this problem for us, it’s up to us to act now. The Camp for Climate Action will be a key moment in kick-starting the radical action that is needed to tackle climate change."

For more information visit:
0794 458 6036
0790 180 2177

1 – Drax burns more than 13 million tonnes of coal every year (Drax
website ) and emits 20.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, making it the largest single emitter in the UK (Guardian, 16 May 06,,1775695,00.html )
Drax is the UK’s 4th most polluting power station per unit of electricity produced (WWF ‘Dirty Thirty’ report, October 2005 )

2 – The Camp for Climate Action is being organised through open public meetings. These meeting have taken place in Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Bristol, Leeds and London. The next meeting will be held in Scotland.

3 - 'Drax the Destroyer' is also a Marvel Comics villain.

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