NO BORDER CAMP 2006, a summer of freedom, Gorizia, north-east Italy, from 19 to 23 of july.

For some months the Detention Center of Gradisca d'Isonzo (GO) has been up and running with around 150 persons imprisoned there.

A few kilometers away, in the Center of Enternment of Postojna in Slovenia, there are inmates - including women, children detained for for years , refugees without any hope either of release or to see the most elementary rights satisfied.
The border Italo-Sloveno of Schengen brands as “irregular migrants� hundreds and hundreds of persons every year and produces, as in past, a history of violence and injustice

These “centres of the shame� are open wounds in the territories, but at the same time they show the objective need for the political intervention and the engagement of those who practice insubordination and the resistance on and against the border.

This struggle of many years we carry on, we resolve to create between Italy and the Slovenia an effective regional and transnational network of opposition to this monster, the Europe of Schengen, and for the freedom of movement and a Europe of the citizenship rights.

In spite of this opposition, both social and institutional, the former Italian Minister of the Interior, Pisanu, has ignored the will of the region and its citizens and has opened the lager of Gradisca. In the same way we have all seen the contradiction of Italian party representatives the left, who were in opposition, yesterday,to opening of the lager, today are found again to “governing it�. And it is always presented as the blackmail of arbitrary European standards, that are used in order to justify the existence, in every country, of these monstrous systems of deprivation of the freedom and humiliated of the human dignity.

But the responsibility of the existence of these centers falls back also on who make them work. They are the agencies managers who speculate on the life of the migrant and become rich taking advantage of their suffering. That's the case with the Minerva Cooperative that manages the Detention Center of Gradisca.
In these weeks serious episodes have emerged that demonstrate the climate inside this CPT: actions of self-destruction of the migrants, rooms of control and isolation, continuous tensions between migrants and workers of the Minerva, some attempts of escape, hunger strikes and neglect of persons with health problems. Moreover, because of the particular regimen to which these centers subjected, it has been and still is difficult to understand the real number of persons daily withholdings, transferred or deported.

We are convinced, today like yesterday, that beyond whichever political color have the European governments, the only way in order to close the lager of Gradisca, and the one of Postojna in Slovenia, like all those present in every other country, is by mobilitation again in permanent way against the Detention Centers and against the legal-economic system that holds them in place.

The proposal that we have carried to the Assembly of the IWW to Verona the 3 june, and to the netsworks, is to join and to participate in a sustained mobilitation that means to besiege the eastern border of fortress Europe.

In order to make this happen, we launch the invite to all the local, national and European netsworks, to participate and to construct with, a week of actions, discussions, music and of public initiatives against the cpt, for the free circulation.

A week in which the lagers of this territory, the management of them and all those who of it allow the operation, will not have peace, because that shame goes closed sluice, as the center of Postojna in Slovenia and all go sluices the other European Centers of Deportation.

We launch this appeal to all the European antiracist networks, to all those who have sincerely in these years have fought against the lager for migrants, racism and the precarity, in order to meet again to us with to Gorizia from the 19 to the 23 July 2006, where we will use the Sociale Center Clandestino as field base for besiege of the border and the Detention Centers !

For the free circulation of people! Not one is illegal, we are all migrant’s

--------Logistics and how to do:

No Border Camp in Gorizia, from the 19 to the 23 of July.

This is the translation of the web page:


This summer, from the 19 to the 23 the antiracist July, the network movements of the north-east of Italy and the Slovenia organize to Gorizia a No Border Camp to organize a new season of struggle against the Detention Centers. For several years in these territories the transnational network of movement have been fights against the European frontier, mobilitations against the militarization of the territory, fights and initiatives together with the migranti siblings against the Detention Centers of Gradisca d'Isonzo and that one of Postojna in Slovenia.
In this particular moment it is strongly the necessity to find again all together in order to construct and to animate new initiative against the barbarisms of the Detention Centers and the European political on immigration.

The No Border Camp of Gorizia can become one great occasion, for all the national and European networks, in order to share reflections, experiences and distances and in order to throw again a new cycle of mobilitations for the closing of this lager and one the radical modification of the laws on immigration.

The camping will be situated to the inside of the Piuma/Peuma park of Gorizia/Nova Gorica where the Clandestino Social Center has center also.
The park is crossed from the river Isonzo, a river that is born in Slovenia and finisch in the Adriatic, a river without borders that a strong symbolic value for who in these lands assumes therefore daily is struck against the frontiers.

The vicinity of the border and two Detention Centers, the grip net of collaboration created with the Slovenian movements, progressive “Europeanization� of the laws on immigration in Slovenia, are some of the elements that render this territory the just place for No Border Camp.
Moreover, the large one and accommodates them green area chosen for the camping, constitutes the ideal place in order to pass one pleasant week of antiracist mobilitation.

It looks at the images of the area of the No Border Camp

Besides the area turned to the camping, with all the necessary services, there will be the area for the concerts where every evening will be given space to various local groups and the angle cinema / conference where every day will be organized debates, meetings, projections and workshops. There will be also the global_point, the media angle of the camping equipped with access to internet with wi-fi.
Inside the camping an area will exclusively be devoted to the children with a kindergarten. Besides the Amnesty Restaurant will be activated and a cocktail bar. In the saloon of the CSO a zone has been predisposed shows with the exposure of "Donde està el Corazon" of Simona Granati.

A system will be activated of an accredit that it will guarantee for five days, besides the access in the camping and the services, two meals a day to a moderate price. For information and accreditations a mail can be sent to
Possession for time the communications on the anticipated arrivals it will allow to organize to the best the reception

As to arrive:
- In car:
From Venice - > highway A4 direction Trieste, to the exit of Villesse to continue on the highway connection in direction of Gorizia.
From Trieste - > highway A4 direction Venice, to the exit of Villesse to continue on the highway connection in direction of Gorizia.

From Udine -> highway A4 direction Trieste, to the exit of Villesse to continue on the highway connection in direction of Gorizia.

To the term of the highway connection to Gorizia, to go in the round one, to take to the third escape (Gorizia Center). To continue straight after the first one traficlight along via Trieste, to turn to right in via Duca of Aosta, to the semaforo to continue straight in via Nazario Sauro, always straight continuing in via Rome until Public square of the Victoria, to the second traficlights to turn on the left in via Goffredo Mameli, to the traficlights to continue straight in via Chiara Saint and then always straight in avenue XX September, after the Bridge to the left is the camp site.

- train:
Gorizia is equipped of railway station, is found on the Trieste-Udine line. [map] From the station is the bus number 8 that arrives near of the bridge (stopped of via Don Bosco) and therefore to little steps from the camping.