Setting Up A Merseyside neighbourhood for Climate Camp

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the problem of climate change. It's easy to feel that we can't make a difference. It is for this reason that from August 26th to September 4th , a Camp for Climate action will take place in Megawatt Valley, near Leeds and Selby. The aim of the camp is to allow individuals to overcome feelings of isolation and helplessness by bringing them together, to create a community of resistance, against climate chaos. We hope the camp inspires people to take action, share ideas and beyond the camp, make a start in their own localities and spheres of interest.

The Camp for Climate Action will aim to create grassroots solutions to climate change through action, education, networking and skill sharing.

Interested in getting involved?

The camp will be made up of neighbourhoods, each neighbourhood can either be related to a specific group( eg , Rising Tide), or to a specific location/city (eg Merseyside/ Northwest..etc). The aim is for each neighbourhood is to be as autonomous as possible, with its own kitchen or food serving facilities, alt-tech power source and meeting space.

Still Interested?

For more info on the camp and events happening during the camp go to -

If you are interested in setting up a Merseyside/Northwest neighbourhood at the camp email -