Action-tastic August - come to the EF! summer gathering & the climate camp

EF! Summer Gathering: 16th-20th August, near Aberystwyth, mid-Wales;
Camp for Climate Action: 26th August-4th September, near Selby, Yorkshire;

The Earth First! Summer Gathering is the place where people involved in radical ecological direct action - or those who want to be involved - get together for five days of time and space to talk, walk, share skills, learn, play, rant, find out what's going on, find out what's next, live outside, strategise, hang out, incite, laugh and conspire.

The gathering is also a practical example of non-hierarchical low-impact living in action. We are a diverse community with a wide range of approaches to our action, so there should be plenty to interest and inspire everyone whether you have been active for years or are completely new to it all.

It will also be an excellent chance to share skills, strategise and get together affinity groups, in preparation for the climate camp and connected direct action. There will be very limited chances for this at the camp itself.

The Camp for Climate Action will be a mix of workshops, meetings, socialising, information sharing and action. It will bring together thousands of people from the UK who want to act to stop climate change before it's too late. It will be a place that encourages discussion on what we are faced with, what the alternatives are, how we can achieve them and the diversity of tactics and action we will need to get there. The camp will also facilitate direct action against some of key sections of the fossil fuel economy.

Both the gathering and the camp have announced where they are; precise details will be put up on the websites above near the time. Full details and arrangements for both are on their respective websites. See you there.