Full (& exciting) workshops programme announced, for Camp for Climate Action

Hi everyone,

We've just finalised the programme of workshops, discussions and meetings
- we've got an amazing range of over 150 top quality workshops relating to
all aspects of climate change. You can view it online at http://www.climatecamp.org.uk/programme.htm

Please tell everyone about it. Below is some text you could use in
newsletters and on email lists.

Many thanks to all those of you who have offered such fantastic workshops!

Looking forward to lots of infosharing, good debates and strategising,

your Workshops and Activities Group, Camp for Climate Action


Eco-operas and combating capitalism: Climate Camp plans released

Participants in the Camp for Climate Action will be able to learn how to
make their own biodiesel, grow their own food under environment-friendly
conditions, calculate their personal carbon footprint or even take part in
a 'carbon opera'! But they can also find out about the dangers of nuclear
power and aviation to the climate, about resistance to mining projects by
indigenous peoples in the majority world or pick up practical skills on
combating roadbuilding schemes or corporate damage to the environment.
According to the plans released today, the Camp for Climate Action, which
will take place in Megawatt Valley near Selby in Yorkshire from the 26th
August - 4th September, will offer visitors a choice from over 150
workshops, ranging from practical art, building and gardening activities
to the advanced science of climate change. Workshops include both analysis
of the problems of climate change and how to confront it - practically and
According to workshops organiser Gabrielle Rickman, "We want to provide a
place where people can inform themselves about all aspects of climate
change, but we intend to go beyond that. We also want to help build a
movement against climate change, so the camp will also be a place where
people can come together to learn the skills to fight it in their own
lives and, more importantly, by uniting to confront climate criminals such
as the British and US governments and many multinational corporations. The
camp will also be somewhere where people can bond and have fun together,
because people who have shared these experiences can work more effectively
together as campaigners."

Further info:

The programme can be viewed online on our website

The Camp for Climate Action runs from 26th August - 4th September and will
take place at an as yet undisclosed location in Megawatt Valley, near
Leeds, nearest train station Selby. Entry will be free but donations
towards the cost of running the camp will be greatly appreciated.

Workshop providers at the Camp are all providing their time and expertise
voluntarily. They range from grassroots community activists to
internationally-known academics, and from MPs to representatives of
environmental NGOs.

The Camp will also include a mass direct action against nearby Drax power
station, which is the UK?s largest single emitter of CO2 emissions.

More information is available from www.climatecamp.org.uk,
info AT climatecamp.org.uk, 07944 586036, or by post at: Box 10, c/o Oxford
Action Resource Centre, E.O.C.C., 44b Princes Street, Oxford OX4 1HU.
For press enquiries only, call 07944 586036 or 07901 802177.
Homepage: http://climatecamp.org.uk