Hay Stax Not Drax poem

Its time 2 face facts, make trax, put on ur face masks and stop Drax in its trax.

Live life 2 the max, dont b a lax-e-daisy, ickle, fickle melting icicle.

Coal-power stations cover the nations,
Polute the air for next generations,
But wif enuf concentration,
We'll crack the condensation
stax @ Drax power station.

The CO2
Polutes the planet,
From Rio 2
Barlow Common,
So grasp ur scythes guys,
Mow the meadow, on the Common, under the shadow,
Of Drax coal-power conglomo.
And pile the grass into giant hay stax.

When u catch the bug for livin on the land,
U know - when ur heads not buried in the sand,
Take action - a Rio-action to the State,
Organise squats and reclaim the land mate.
Make it great ... fuck the State!

When the party's over @ Drax power station,
And ur feelin blue, still fightin the nation,
Head west, o'er tops to Oxford Rd Station.

In Old Manchester Town,
From Barlow Common 2 Birley Common,
We're taking on ground.

So carry on camping @ Birley squat camps,
In the middle of the city by the BMX ramps.

To Zak from Count Draxula ...
For more info on the Birley Squat camp visit www.fobf.org.uk

Count Draxula