national climate camp follow-up meeting: evaluate, celebrate & plan 'what next?' - 14/15th October, Manchester

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Drax the Destroyer
^Drax the Destroyer

There will be a meeting in Manchester on October 14 and 15 to reflect on how the Climate Camp went, and to talk about what we would like to do next. Everyone is welcome to come. There'll be a celebration, so aim to stick around for Monday if you can. For more information email facilitation[at], subscribe to the announcements list, or see the meeting link above nearer the time.

Under the shadow of Drax power station, the Camp for Climate Action burst into life. Running from August 26 to September 4, 2006, this totally unprecedented project involved hundreds of people from across the UK coming together. The camp was a great success, with a packed programme of workshops, and the camp itself was organised in an environmentally-friendly way, and powered by sustainable energy sources - wind turbines, solar panels, and small-scale biodiesel. Participants used as little power as possible, and produced as little landfill waste as possible, as the majority of waste was either composted or recycled. Direct actions included a ten hour blockade of Hartlepool nuclear power station, and a mass convergence on Drax coal-fired power station.

The Camp for Climate Action has been an amazing success but is now £4000 in debt, please donate if you can.