Manchester Critical Mass End of Summer Party

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Manc Critical Mass end of summer flier

Critical mass happens every last friday of the month 6pm central library
The next critical mass is on FRIDAY 29TH AT CENTRAL LIBRARY AT 6PM
We cycle round the city to celebrate the bicycle:

It's for anyone that rides a bike;
Its a celebration of getting round the city without polluting it;
Its about every journey being an adventure instead of just sitting on a boring bus or in a stressful car;
Its about cyclists riding together to demand more respect from other road users;

Its a way to meet other cyclistas;

AND after this critical mass we are going to ride to a secret beautiful location (not too far a cycle- like a mile or 2 out of the centre) where we will be met with a small soundsystem and we can have a lovely outdoor party!!! (if its a bit rainy we shall have a marquee!)

Bring picnic stuff, music, blankets etc...