Launch of Bath Activist Network

Sep 28 2006

Birth pangs of a new group, the Bath Activist Network, bringing together people in Bath who want to work together to fight for positive change, connecting all radical "disciplines" holistically, knowing that every problem in this world is interlinked.

Fed up of all the Starbucks, superstore development, gentrification and apathy in this so-called World Heritage site corporate limbo? You should be.

Calling all ex-activist cynics and "those-were-the-days" nostalgics: relight that fire, coz your time of world-changing ain't done yet. Calling all young dreamers, all timid dabblers, all "maybe one day" aspirants - get your nose of that Chomsky book/Inconvenient Truth cinema/hardcore punk headphones - the time for action is long past nigh, so get out on the streets! Calling all "if I were you, I'd be doing this" loudmouths and nay-sayers - yes, even YOU - put your money where your mouth is. Join us, and let's make this world a better one.

Intended as more than just the usual tired, cliquey talking shop, here launches a new Bath-based group of activists, campaigning and taking action in our community on issues such as environmentalism, anti-globalisation, food issues, pro-peace, gender, compassion for animals [homo sapiens or not] and then some. The single issue viewpoint won't hold no more: we've already seen RTSers treading on the toes of road protesters, animal rights polarised away from human rights and anti-corporate action, anarchists disappearing up their own arse, with anti-war coughing alone quietly in the corner. Time to join the dots!

We hold monthly meetings at the Green Park Tavern, first Thursday of every month, 7.30 to 9.00: starting the 5th of October. Meetings are to be organised in the usual non-hierarchic pattern and anyone interested in real progress is encouraged to attend. Things still very much in its infancy at the moment, but we are looking at critical mass, anti-arms action and resisting supermarket development, right now...

There is no set modus operandi for which methods of activism are best employed to achieve our desires - be it council lobbying, letter-writing, sustainable living, public demonstrations, info stalls or direct action; we're not even above exploiting the advert-infested swamp of MySpace!

If you are interested in getting involved, come along, or send us a message at If you have any actions you want to report, or a demo/event to announce, e-mail it to us and we'll put it up as soon as possible.