Lost and Found social centre Manchester opening this Wednesday!

So we have a beautiful building where lots of us have been busy beavering away to create a beautiful space.

Open from 11th October to 27th October

Opening times: weekdays: 11am-11pm weekends:11am-late

Lost and Found Social Centre will be a free space for people that feel lost in this capitalist, hierarchical, oppressive society in which we live. To find others that feel the same and to create a positive space, free from discrimination, where we can socialise, express our creativity, learn from each other and share ideas and experiences.

We will find a lost and derelict building and turn it into a hub of creativity and activity for 16 days: from 11th October to 27th October
(From 11th to 14th the space will also be used for the first Manchester Temporary Autonomous Arts Exhibition)

If you want to come put any art up or help out painting, cooking, cleaning etc please call us on 07796 788 111

Come by on wednesday 11th to see artists putting up their installations and participate in workshops and interactive art pieces.

Thursday 12th Day of short films from 3pm

Friday 13th 7pm Junk sculpture fashion show

Saturday 14th: performances, workshops and demos during the day

Evening: 7pm Cabaret

Sunday 15th: Climate Camp benefit night email manchester@climatecamp.org.uk for more info

Wednesday 18th October: Lost and Found house warming.
Come by and see manchesters most wonderous bands including CASH FOR YOUR STORIES (Geek Punk), Stray Dog Cafe (Minimal... Dirt... Rock..), Dr Butlers Hatstand Medicine Band, Al Baker (Riot Folk), Winterburn (folk/punk acoustic sound) Plus Djs from Golden Lab Records. There will also be space throughout the night for people to jam and perform that are not billed, so please feel free to bring an instrument!

Thursday 19th October: Healthy Living day- masage, reiki, yoga, dance, healthy food and workshops (if you'd like to get involved organising this event please come for tea and cake on WED 11TH at 5:30 at the space.)

Friday 20th: Time to ride! Bike celebration day.
1pm- how to fix a puncture
5pm- Alley Cat Race
From 6pm- Bike films from round the world including Still We Ride, Pedal, NYC Bike Video Zine and loads more!
Also indoor bike roller racing, fixie/ messenger comps and tiny bike racing (bring kiddies bikes- the tiny barbie/action man ones are best)

Saturday 21st: DIY Day. With a day of skillsharing inc- 1pm How to Make Useful Stuff out of Rubbish, 2pm clothes swap (bring clothes you don want anymore and swap for something nice), 3pm clothes altering/ dressmaking, knitting circle, book-binding and zine making. Bring you own workshop and do it!!!
Evening: Stumblefunk come to play

Monday 23rd: Eve- Bomb Ibiza- Ska punk bands and DJs

Tuesday 24th October: G8 Germany and Anti Capitalism. Day of discussion, workshops, reading group, Films
Eve: 4th World War Film and Talk on G8 in Germany

Wednesday 25th: Climate Change Day- A day of workshops, talks and discussion around climate change

Thursday 26th: 7pm DIY Theatre and Talent Show. Everyone welcome to perform! Please email to book a space or just turn up!

Friday 27th: 4pm Prepare for Critical Mass
7pm: Neighbourhood Cotch present an eveing of bands and Djs

The timetable is constantly being updated. You can find out what's on
here: http://www.lostnfound.org.uk/timetable.htm

If you want to put on an event or workshop or want more info about those listed her please email lostnfoundmcr@hotmail.com

A Free Shop will be running every day, please bring stuff you dont want
any more (niceish stuff that others might want tho- not scabby old
knickers!!!) but stuff like mix tapes, clothes, plants, CDs etc etc.

We shall also have a nice vegan kitchen open for lunch and dinner.

Join the announcements list here

Our website is here