Social Centre Squat in Preston,'Viva Six Fingers'

A few anarchists in Preston have set up a squat which at the moment we are in the middle of repairing.The squat will be used as a social centre but help is required.

The squat is to be called 'Viva Six Fingers' after an old man in the Spanish revolution who defended his home and family from fascist attack, killing several fascists and saveing two of his family befor his cottage was burnt down. We are without electricity and water,although we now have a generator temporarily in place,and have made a lot of progress secureing the place. The cetre was an important part of the local community and we want it to serve that purpose again.It is due to be demolished and turned into luxury flats.

We would like any one who is interested to contact us and get involved.
6 Garstang Road, Preston.