greenwash guerillas hit shell hq

Shell HQ greenwashGreenwash leafletGreenwash leaflet4.01.2008
at lunchtime yesterday, a small band of greenwash guerillas entered the lobby of the london shell hq to highlight the massive amount of toxic greenwash emanating from the building. once ejected they continued their work outside, warning the public of the dangers of greenwash

full greenwash film in mp4 format - video/mp4 8.2M
full greenwash film in wmv format - video/x-ms-wmv 8.8M

shell security got into quite a tizz over the four protestors and rather too many police arrived. the police (once the government security zone map was shown to them) "facilitated lawful protest" as long as it didn't go too near the poisonous shell building. this may have been for the safety of the public or for other reasons.

the guerillas' theatrics attracted quite a lot of public interest and loads of leaflets were handed out

greenwash guerillas are associated with rising tide and you can find out more about what they do and when, by getting in touch via their website at

the vid is posted in quicktime mp4 and wmv formats and is 6'30"
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