Rossport Solidarity Picket, Salford Quays


Saturday 18th November, around 20 activists, including the Rhythms of Resistance samba band went to picket the Shell garage at Salford Quays. Whilst the band played, the rest of us leafletted drivers as they arrived and where possible spoke to them. The site of the band made it all the easier to do so and most were prepared to talk too.

The response was generally good. We spoke to them as they arrived and whilst on the forecourt. The message as simple - please don't buy petrol here, better still think whether your car journey is necessary. At least ten cars simply drove away from the garage in the hour and a half we were there, which must have cost them a few hundred pounds.

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Buy your petrol somewhere else today.

Shell has a terrible record of destroying the environment and the communities unlucky enough to live near their exploration sites.
On the west coast of Ireland, in an area called Erris, in County Mayo, they have found gas. They want to bring it ashore and refine it in an area which is unspoilt and undeveloped. The result will be the total destruction of the local area and the lives of the people who live there.
Already five men have spent three months in prison for protesting about Shell’s plans. The local people have fought long and hard to stop work at the refin ery. Now Shell and the Irish police are attacking these same people daily to allow construction to go ahead.

Help show you are opposed to their destruction of Erris and the way they vandalise our planet. Buy your petrol somewhere else. Better
still, think whether you need all those car journeys. Hurt them in their pockets. It’s the only way to make Shell see sense.
Manchester Shell to Sea: shelltosea@ af- north. org