Spring into action (though storms may be at the door) - the latest issue of the EF! Action Update has burst forth

Rabbit under fenceRead all about occupations & lock-ons of big industrial places around the world, corporate & government blockades, squatting, airport invasions, subvertising, climate criminals locked & glued shut, trees climbed and chopped down, GM maize fields trashed, hunger strikes, burrowing under fences, jumping on whaling boats, Buying Nothing, Reclaiming the Streets and the unstoppable singing of Christmas songs, not to mention skating penguins. Even some upcoming dates to get stuck in or to meet other direct action crazies. We couldn't make it up even if we tried.

Another bumper issue, with a special insert on Agrofuels including a list of refineries 'in the pipeline' or already on the ground, plus a legal update about the recent changes to your access to solicitors in police stations.

The latest issue of the Earth First! Action Update burst forth at the latest national meeting of the Camp for Climate Action (see climatecamp.org.uk for how the camp idea is audaciously morphing this year).

Download it to print out and share here. Do get in touch with the editorial collective to let them know if you're dishing it up round your way, or need paper copies, or want to give them one of the rarer ingredients, dosh (to send it to prisoners, protest camps and far beyond) - their contact details and more are here.