Direct action around Greece reports (1/2008) - banks, police cameras, luxury cars get it; rats saved

Bank windows smashedAttack against a bank, 14 taken into custody (Athens, 30/1/2008)

According to a report at:

There was an attack with sledge hammers, stones and paints against the Ethniki Bank in Gizi district (were a companion was arrested after an armed expropriation). After they left, police spread into the area and took into custody around 14 persons from the area.
Police camera destroyed, one person taken into custody (Thessaloniki, 29/1/2008)

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Around 11:30 the power supply of a police camera was sabotaged in public. Riot-policemen and motorbike cops attacked the people on their way back, and managed to take into custody one person. Later on two more persons were also taken to the police headquarters, but set free after a few hours.

Series of incendiary attacks (Athens-Thessaloniki, 21/1/2008)

Report in english:

According to a report in "Eleftherotipia" (Greek only):,id=25251808

From 12:51 to 01:18 the following targets were attacked:


12:51: Porsche dealership, Halandri-4 cars damaged.
01:00: Eurobank open24 subsidiary, Egaleo
01:05: Luxurius car exposition "Car Collection", Nea Erithrea-16 cars and one motorcycle damaged
01:08: Eurobank subsidiary, Dafni
01:08: Piraeus bank subsidiary, Dafni
01:09: Citybank subsidiary, central Athens
01:15: Eurobank subsidiary, Nea Filadelfia
01:17: PV MOTORS dealership, Argiroupoli
01:18: PPC crane vehicle, Keramikos

Another incendiary device was found untouched in the entrance of an "Ethniki" bank, in Peristeri, and was carried to the forensic office of the police.


Two arson attacks occured within five minutes. A ppc car was damaged, as well as an ATM of Millennium bank in Analipsi.

Communique sent to

"Last night's series of incendiary attacks against luxurious car dealerships in Halandri, Kifissia and Argiroupoli, bank subsidiaries in Nea filadelfia, Dafni, Egaleo, Ano Patisia, Dafni and in Thessaloniki at 117, Martiou Street, and against PPC (the state-run power company) cars outside its offices in both Athens and Thessaloniki, is undertaken by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Thessaloniki-Athens.

We selected to strike the bank subsidiares because the constitute the symbols-tools of exploration and of the economic empire. In parallel, the banks are the modern day corporations that accredit with loanee dreams the consumers, so that they would beglamour voluntarily their misery and their economic state of captivity.

We attacked the PPC corporation as a response to the dozens assassinations of workers that died in its workplace-prisons because of the lack of security measures, as well as for the deadly effects (such as cancer) that appear at the zones around its power plants.

We set on fire the dealerships of luxurious cars that form prestigious symbols of authority inside the commodity fetishist frenzy that has taken over the metropolis. We do not respect the law-abiding citizens' wet dreams for a fast car in expense of the slow suicide offeed by the modern life style.

The revolutionary character of an economic-capitalist targets arson is n't found only in its physical destructionm but also in the illegality of the action itself. In the decision to attack.

In this combatant situation, there are also losses. Accordingly, we dedicate last night's attacks in Thessaloniki and Athens to the emprisoned anarchist V. Botzatzis who is accused for 3 arson attacks against 3 targets, as weel as to the 3 fugitive comrades accused under the same case, and that chose the way of a proud escape, than to give theirselves in.

We don't forget any emprisoned comrade. We will be back soon...

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Thessaloniki-Athens"

Bank firebombed and responsibility claim (Athens, 19/1/2008)

According to reports (in greek) at unknown persons attacked with molotov cocktails a subsidiary of eurobank in Petralona district (Athens). According to ANA-MPA news agency, the arson caused sever damages to the bank. A group claimed responsibility by an anonymoys e-mail to stating:

The "Cells of Incendiary Solidarity" (Pirines Empristikis Allileggyis) claim responsibility for the arson at Eurobank on Trion Ierarhon Street in Petralona, on Saturday January 19, in solidarity to the emprisoned anarchist Vaggelis Botzatzis, accused with 3 arson attacks against governmental-economic targets and to the three companions that are fugitive under the same case.

The institutions of state-run enterprises, car agencies and banks, have been and will be today's targets, targets that every revolutionary chooses to attack. These attack are born from a total perception and a route of actions against the capitalist-economic domination. These words here do not mean to recognise their-selves in a "typical claim of responsibility" because their meaning is found in the transmission of the revolutionary flame. WE ARE ON WAR. The persecutions cannot stop the incendiary actions and the rebellious consciences. Honour to those that in their lives, they set their own time and place, their "how" and "why"...

The ashes of the burnt banks for the fugitive companions and the emprisoned anarchist Vaggelis Botzatzis.

Cells of Incendiary Solidarity

Note: Vaggelis Botzatzis is an anarchist from Thessaloniki, in a pre-trial emprisonment in Komotini prisons, accused for arsons in a french brand car yard, a millenium bank subsidiary and Public Power Company vehicles. He is persecuted based on a security guard's accusations. Apart from him, another three anarchists are fugitive for the same case.
Attacks on three banks (Athens, 17/1/2008)

2 year after the arrest of Giannis Dimitrakis after a bank robbery, on 12 o'clock, were realised three simultaneous attacks on three banks and an ATM in central Athens.

Piraeus Bank on 12, George Street, Attiki Bank on 23 Omirou Street and Ethniki bank on 30 Omirou Street, had their glasses broken and other damages. An ATM was also damaged.

There were leaflets thrown around the banks stating:
2 years later...
solidarity to G. Dimitrakis, who is emprisoned for the bank robery at Ethniki Bank on Solonos Street at 16.01.2006
Solidarity to the 3 fugitive comrades

as well as "FIRE TO THE BANKS"
Lab-rats liberated from technical institute (Thessaloniki, 16/1/2007)

A report on this action can be found at where there are also more photos and a short video, as well as a text in greek, translated here:

"On January 15th, in the Thessaloniki TEI (technical institute) was programmed a practical experiment on animals alive in front of the students. This hideous action would be realised if some people from Thessaloniki was n't mobilized. Around twenty persons visited the TEI and took not only one, as it was to expected, but four animals (lab rats). Later on the four lab rats were set free in the nature were they should be from the very begining.

We know that these specific animals will not survive for a long time in the nature, since they were born in a lab. Though, we believe it is better for them to die in the nature than in a lab or a cage."
Car dealership fire-bombed (Athens, 17/1/2008)

Source (greek only):

Two self-made explosive devises were placed underneath two cars in a Suzuki dealership in Peristeri, Athens. One of them exploded at 3:45 in the night causing minor damages, while the other one was found untouched by the police.

Bank arson and anonymous communique(Athens, 1/1/2008)

Source (greek only):

"The first fact reported to the police for 2008 was an arson attack 20 minutes after midnight at the subsidiary of Geniki Bank at 75 Kipselis street in Athens. Unidentified persons planted an incendiary device breaking the glass entrance door."

Anonymous group claimed responsibility via e-mail to

"The attack at Geniki Bank on 1/1/2008 was in solidarity to emprisoned fighters.

The same time that in the city centre "celebrations" are organised to welcome the new year we, by striking, mean to prove that the flame of negation won't cease to burn nor even this new year, against any repressive plan.

Freedom to Chr. Kontorevithakis and M. Tsourapas."