The Camp for Climate Action was just the beginning! - next meeting January 13/14th, Leeds

Drax at sunsetCome and take the next steps forward and be part of a newly energised movement in the fight to avoid catastrophic climate change.

In August of this year hundreds gathered near Selby to confront the UK's biggest CO2 emitter: Drax Coal Power Station. The Camp for Climate Action was an inspiring 10 days of learning, sustainable living and direct action to challenge the causes of climate chaos.

There is already much enthusiasm for organising another Camp, come and get involved on 13th/14th January at 'The Common Place' in Leeds (see for directions). Meetings will run Saturday 11am-5pm and Sunday 10am-6pm.

This project is still at its early stages and details such as when, where and how to organise the next Camp are to be decided at this meeting. Food and crash pad accommodation will be provided. Everyone will be asked for a donation of around £10 to cover costs. If you have particular access or childcare needs, or if would like more information contact

Please spread the news far and wide. You can download a rather nice poster here:

Some of the neighbourhoods from last year’s camp are meeting in the meantime to generate ideas for the next camp and organise locally.

London Neighbourhood Meeting
London Action Resource Centre
Dec 2nd 1.00pm

Yorkshire Neighbourhood Meeting
The Common Place
Dec 6th 7.00-9.00pm

Manchester Neighbourhood Meeting/Social
The Basement 24 Lever St, Manchester
4th December 7:30 ( for
directions). Please email: to confirm

Local groups

Some of these are specifically Climate Camp, Rising Tide or Plane Stupid groups, some are local groups involved in taking direct action against climate change that don't necessarily see themselves as belonging to a national group.

Nottingham: nottingham[at]
Oxford: oxford[at]
Manchester: manchester[at]
London Rising Tide: london[at]
South Penines: potzo8[at]
South West: caromac20032000[at]
Leeds/Bradford: katieplum75[at]
Scotland and Ireland: scotland[at]
Cambridge Action Network: cambridge[at]
Birmingham: flatline[at]
Reading: climatejustice[at]
York Rising Tide: yorks[at]
Scotland Rising Tide: scotland[at]
London Plane Stupid: london[at]
Manchester Plane Stupid: manchester[at]
Cambridge Plane Stupid: cambridge[at]
Oxford Plane Stupid: oxford[at]
Sheffield Plane Stupid: sheffield[at]
Sussex Plane Stupid: sussex[at]
Reading Plane Stupid: reading[at]