New collective aims to help grassroots events

We are posting this to let people know about a new collective designed to help grassroots groups through networking equipment and expertise when it comes to putting on campaign events. But first they need to know what you have to offer...

Do you have a pile of useful equipment that you hardly use, cluttering up your space? Do have or know of a large storage space being underused? Do you maintain large vehicles that never quite earn their keep?

If you answer yes to these and would like to see them benefit other good causes, then the AT Collective are interested in hearing from you. They are currently compiling a list of equipment, skills and spaces that people have and wish to see used for the benefit of other groups engaged in radical social change.

If you do have any equipment, skills or storage on offer then please fill in their survey at

You can also contact them directly. For more background info, please see below.

AT Collective
Tel: 0845 217 8997


AT Cooperative: An Overview

From camps to urban convergences and squats, we want to help campaigns groups access the skills and materials they need to be effective and sustainable. This helps reduce work load of campaigners putting on grassroots events and effectively distributes equipment and knowledge throughout our networks.

However, we will be more than that - by working with AT Coop we will ensure that your equipment is not just used for good causes but is properly maintained and stored as well. We want to take the risk and worry out of lending your equipment by being truly professional about it. Though cooperation everyone benefits, and as AT Coop grows we can provide more and more at ever cheaper rates.

The AT Coop is a new, not-for-profit collective, formed to acquire, store, maintain and monitor materials like solar panels, wind turbines, vehicles, tools, marquees, field kitchens and other equipment. It also aims to provide practical support to grassroots campaign groups by sharing the knowledge and skills of those who have them already. For example, building grey water systems or compost toilets, plumbing, power generation, site management, transport logistics, and so on. Currently we are compiling a database of equipment, skills and spaces which can be made available to other social change movements.

Our aim is to reduce reliance on expensive commercial businesses, and encourage groups to support each other by sharing their resources. We will focus on recycling and reusing equipment wherever possible. Aside from our database of skills and equipment (and what we are planning to provide ourselves) we are working on a how-to guide for putting on events, developing skills and maintaining equipment. We can then enable groups to become more autonomous by providing training and knowledge based what we learn. Longer term we plan to invest in our own vehicles and equipment.

The newly formed collective works along the principles of non-hierarchy and mutual aid. Our focus is to support non-discriminatory forms of campaigning on issues of social justice, ecological defence, animal rights, or any other groups adhering to the PGA hallmarks. All of us are experienced in putting on various campaign events, both rural and urban.

If you are working on a project or event which needs volunteers, or might provide an opportunity for training then please let us know. If you want to support the ATC but don't have skills or equipment, we are currently fundraising to move into the next phase of our project...please get in touch!

To help you we need information about what is available! Please forward this onto contacts within your movement, post this text on your website, and get in touch for more information.

AT Collective