Anti coal protesters lock on to Solid Energy: support needed, New Zealand/Aotearoa

Solid Energy HQ protest 1Solid Energy HQ protest 2At 12 noon on Sunday the 6th March 2005, 4 protesters locked themselves on to the entrance way of Solid Energy's head offices in Christchurch. Supporters pitched tents and held banners, while all are preparing to spend the night at the site.

The activists are opposing Solid Energy's proposed Cyprus Mine; an open cast coal mine to be situated at Happy Valley, on the West Coast. The Environment Court is set to hear appeals against the mine from tomorrow morning. Those locked on to the building plan to stay throughout the hearing as a constant reminder to Solid Energy that their proposal to mine Happy Valley is strongly opposed, both within and outside the court process.

More info and pictures to come, please come down (clarence st by the train station) and support, especially for Mondays picket!

"Happy Valley is a unique and precious ecosystem, home threaten species such as the Great Spotted Kiwi and giant land snail. Furthermore the mining of this beautiful valley will only add to the problem of climate change. Coal is a totally unsustainable fuel source that only pollutes our local and global environment," commented Jonathan Oosterman, one of the locked on activists.

A picket is also planned for 8.30am Monday morning outside Solid Energy, although supporters are encouraged to come down at any time, as are those who want to discuss the issues with those locked on.

"We are here to stay! We won't back down until Solid Energy put a stop to their plans and Happy Valley is saved!"