field trial with genetically modified wheat destroyed (zurich, switzerland)

the local press reports as following:
early friday morning (june 13, 2008) around 35 persons entered the research area ("Forschungsanstalt Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon ART in Zürich Affoltern") close to zurich and destroyed nearly the whole field trial with genetically modified wheat by scything and trampling the plants.

the research is initiated by Agroscope, university of zurich and ETH (polytech. university).
the present security agents were threatened and couldn't stop the action.
the police arrested 5 persons after the action in the surrounding area, but it might be difficult to prove they've been involved.

in 2003 a similar, but smaller field trial was done by ETH in another village. during weeks greenpeace tried to prevent other activists destroying the field so they could do an own spectacular action later on: greenpeace dumped dung on the field, but was stopped by the agents present.