Camp for Climate Action: Great Rebel Raft Regatta update & newspaper launched


Following a professional reconnaissance and Health and Safety test trip by boat last Wednesday, rebel rafters and experienced sailors gave the thumbs up for the water borne disobedience on the Mass Day of Action, August 9th. Launching with the tides and if the weather is not blowing a gale, the action was deemed totally do able and has the potential to be a spectacular success. The key will be in the number of rafts, the more rafts ( or anything that floats !) there are the more impossible it will be for the forces of darkness to stop the armada reaching it's target. So start packing paddles, canoes,inflatables, rafts, dinghies, amphibious vehicles etc.. with your tent. Try to encourage any yacht or boat people, pirates or sailors you know to join in. All rebel rafters will be requited to attend a water safety workshop that will be run daily for the three
days leading up to the day of action, and will have to wear life jackets ( if you don't have your own, these will be provided by the camp). A write up is available on the GRRR website.

Meanwhile many groups across the country are getting excited by the GRRR bug and planning to build rafts and get teams together. If your group has any news, pictures of rafts or ideas to share, then send it to the constantly updated news feed on . For any further enquiries email:


Last week 30,000 newspapers, beautifully designed in black and bright cyan and not looking anything like a boring political paper, came off the printing press and began their journey around the country.

Published to inspire people to come to the camp it is filled with full pages images of last years events, portraits of hot climate campers, a stunning map of this years camp and texts that describe the politics of radical climate activism. If you would like copies to hand out in the street, festivals, drop off in cafe's etc. contact with your address and how many you want, they will be sent out asap or ring Isa 07984158 108 to find out where you can pick some up. The pdf's is now online here: