FIT at menwith hill

Food, music, fun and FIT, Menwith Hill, 4th July Independence from America Day

Another well attended demo at Menwith, with blazing sun, music, food and increased levels of surveillance.

There were maybe 100 or so attending, along with stupid numbers of police, including for the first time, members of the Metropolitan FIT team. They were very camera shy, and only appeared briefly to photograph participants as they set off for a tour of the base. I guess that they left the bulk of the 'evidence gathering' to North Yorks officers, who were very busy throughout the day.

There was music on the day from seize the day, who played some cracking tunes. Better was the anarchist punk band at the end who blasted the occupants of the base with a selection of hardcore tunes as the sun set behind them, all captured on film by the police!

Also for the first time was a visible Anarchist presence on the day, with a red and black flag flying in the Sun next to CAAB's upside down Stars and stripes.

After a brief tour of the base the march headed back to the main gate where Lunch out Lils from Sheffield provided some excellent and much needed food!

One arrest on the day, Lindis Percy who was arrested for breach of bail conditions, i suspect for crossing the 'yellow line' at one of the gates. i observed the Evidence gathers in conversation with senior officers at this point in the day, checking that they had evidence of Lindi's transgression on film...

All in all another well attended demo - better that it was held in the evening i think a there did some to be plenty of new faces there.

As an aside i also noticed that a new wind farm is in the process of being constructed near Menwith. maybe coincidence but could also be an ensured power supply during the coming oil crash??

"In some cases, (a military) installation can depend on nearby generation, including renewable energy for its backup energy supply where the utility has the capability of segregating its service area from outside influences. This creates self-sustaining regional “islands” which should not be overlooked as installations engage in emergency planning to serve critical installation functions. Planning must necessarily be coordinated with regional energy suppliers, transmission companies, and major energy users."