Art Not Oil Plymouth & friends protest inside & outside Shell Wildlife Exhibition, 12.7.08

On Saturday 12th July, activists from Art Not Oil Plymouth, Greenpeace Plymouth and Peace Boat, took action - for the second time - inside and outside Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery, to protest against Shell's sponsorship of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. (Shell will not be sponsoring the new Exhibition, but the 2007-8 version is still touring.)

Activists dressed as Greenwash inspectors entered the Museum to detect and spotlight the terrible greenwashing that Shell is trying to do in this city. The activists spoke with the people inside about it and found that there was strong agreement that Shell is guilty of trying to launder its image as a friend of wildife and of the planet!

Outside, the rest of the Art Not Oil group and Peter Le Mare (who had just docked his Peace Boat nearby, on his way to Climate Camp and beyond) held banners and gave away more than 130 leaflets about the protest. BBC news were there and interviewed both groups giving to the action a central place in the local news that evening!

In September, Art Not Oil Plymouth will be showing the 'Shell's Wild Lie' exhibition in one of the local cafes of the city, which features images of what this oil and other companies are really doing to our planet.