Sitting on piles of coal, revolting peasants, trashing things & fixing other things together, it's the latest EF! Action Update

EF! mine rest planets later logoSmelters smelted and woodchippers chipped, protestors around the world have been busy again taking action against the planet-trashers - read all about it in the latest quarterly EF! Action Update.

This EF!AU is jam packed with exciting actions, plus features on international resistance against coal in time for this year's Camp for Climate Action, a resurgence of anti-genetics campaigning, and proposals for a rolling blockade next year of Kingsnorth. You'll be inspired to Taste the Waste, Leave it in the Ground and who knows what else!

With stories of greenwash laid bare, guerrilla-gardening, revolting peasants, protest camps against coal mines and airports, buildings burnt down, conveyors and trains stopped, tires deflated, GM fields liberated & 'trials' decontaminated, despite tear-gas, jail threats, and fortress-like field protection, continuing resistance in Mayo & Iceland, and campaign successes, the diverse uses of superglue just become mundane. Got a broken tea cup or an incinerator to shut down? You know what to use!

And if smashing greenhouses or hanging about 60 metres up seems wierd, read on...

Also includes full lists of ecological direct action groups, protest camps & support groups. Batteries not included.

Pick up your copy at the Camp for Climate Action or at your nearest social centre. Or drop us a line at actionupdate AT and we'll post you as many as you like for distributing around town and at events.

Download the latest EF!AU to share with others, subscribe or check out some past issues. The next issue will come out at the beginning of November.

And of course, this year's EF! Summer Gathering (click here for latest news) is from Wednesday 27th August to Monday 1st September 2008, if you want to plot & plan, and laugh & chat with old friends & new.