UK No Borders Gathering 8-9 November

Just over a month till the next network-wide No Borders Gathering, to be held in Newcastle on 8 & 9 November.

The Gathering will be a chance to discuss, network and plan, and to build on the discussions held at the last network-wide Gathering earlier this year.

The Gathering is a collectively organised event with shared responsibility for content and organisation, being co-ordinated this time by people in Newcastle. It will take place on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November, starting 9am for breakfast for a 10am start each day, ending at 6pm on the Saturday and 2pm on the Sunday. Venue details and directions will be posted nearer the time. Accommodation will be available on request.

You can contact us at if you'd like more info, would like to suggest items for discussion at the Gathering or would like to get involved.

No Borders is a network of groups struggling for the freedom of movement for all and an end to all migration controls. We call for a radical movement against the system of control, dividing us into citizens and non-citizens.
We demand the end of the border regime for everyone, including ourselves, to enable us to live another way, without fear, racism and nationalism.
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