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A poweful and moving demo at parliament saw over five hundred people pushing through police and reaching the (locked) doors of parliament.

After frocks and cake on parliament square things turned a little less peacefull as the mass rushed accross the road and reached the doors of parliament.

Police have been forced to close the main public entrance to Parliament after environmental protesters attempted to force their way in.

Organised by the Climate Rush group, the aim was to emulate the attempt by the Suffragette movement to storm Parliament 100 years ago.

At about 1830 BST, demonstrators marched to Parliament where they were stopped by police at the St Stephen's entrance.

Five people have been arrested for breach of the peace and a 23-year-old woman has been held for breach of bail, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

Doors at the main St Stephen's Gate entrance were closed and secured with two large metal bars. Protesters striking the doors were clearly audible from the inside.

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