Guerrilla Gardening Comes To Chester

A group of Chester residents, having noticed that there is neglected and orphaned land all over the city, decided to form a guerrilla gardening troop. The term 'guerrilla gardening' is used loosely to describe different forms of radical gardening. Sometimes this is gardening with political aims - perhaps highlighting land use issues - or sometimes it is about growing food.

The troop of Guerrilla Gardeners have been out and about in Chester. Their first project involed transforming three litter strewn planters on Christleton Road, one of the main gateways to the city. Litter and weeds were removed and replaced with winter pansies, daffodils, forget-me-nots and honeysuckle.

The troop wants to reclaim land from perceived neglect and misuse. Armed with trowels, bulbs and vision, their idea is to garden everywhere, anywhere.

One Guerrilla Gardener stated:

' I was fed up of seeing these planters filled with rubbish and weeds every time I walked into the City Centre. I wanted to reclaim this resource for us all to enjoy'

The Guerrilla Gardeners want to make Chester a more appealing place to live, beautifying the neighbourhood and giving it back to the community.

To get involved or donate plants/saplings/ shrubs