Invitation to the Northern Climate Rush - January 12th

On Monday 12th January 2009 at 7pm the Northern Climate Rush will hit Manchester Airport Terminal 3 (Domestic Departures).

Everyone is welcome to join us. Come in Edwardian dress if you can (think long skirts, coats and tails, and silly hats, all hidden under a big coat!) with hampers of food to have our 'Dinner at Domestic Departures', to the strains of our very own string quartet! It will take place on the day that the MPs return from their winter holiday, and at exactly the same time as the main Climate Rush, at Heathrow.

Our protest will be against airport expansion and domestic flights. In a time of recession and climate crisis, government money should be spent on improvements to rail, trams, and buses, not on subsidies and infrastructure for the aviation industry.

For an accessible report on the latest climate science, check out

We have waited too long and been misled too many times. It is time for us to take control and to lead social change.