Callout for organising! Scottish Camp for Climate Action

Building a more sustainable future in four easy steps:
1. Get out your diary and find a pen
2. Open it at the pages for the 4-16 June and 3-10 August
3. Write in very large, bold lettering: CLIMATE CAMP SCOTLAND across these dates
4. Get involved in this exciting movement for social change and environmental justice!

What's the Scottish Camp for Climate Action?

Some time between 3-10 August, activists, campaigners and communities from all over Scotland will set up camp! We will be living sustainably and equally, and taking awe-inspiring collective direct action to hold greedy climate criminals to account.

In a time of epoch-making economic and environmental change, we're going to be making direct changes for the better. We'll be taking control of our lives, of our society, and standing up for what we believe in. We'll refuse to believe the greedy polluters and financiers, when they say it's just not the right time to clean up their act. We'll clean it up for them!

The Camp (whether urban or rural) will be a living example of collective, imaginative low-impact living, full of practical solutions. Its not just about plastic bags and light bulbs any more, these things isolate us and distract us from the real problems. Instead, we will work together to build strong, sustainable and powerful communities.

Whilst we haven't decided where the camp will be yet, there's no shortage of options. Whole swathes of airports, coal power stations, open cast mines and agrofuel installations and motorways are planned for Scotland. We also have the luxury of hosting the headquarters of international banks like RBS and HBOS, whose greed got us into this economic and environmental mess.

What's happening in the run-up to the camp?

Some time between June 4-16 there will be a Climate Camp Convergence, with informative and practical workshops and discussions, opportunities for building links between campaigns, and the chance for us to collectively plan the future of climate activism across Scotland. By the time the August Camp rolls around we'll be a force to be reckoned with.

How do I get involved now?

Making this happen needs loads of ideas, energy and input. In short, it needs you. And all your mates!

Come to an organising meeting!

We organise horizontally, without leaders, and everyone has input into decisions. At the moment, most of the organising is being done in Edinburgh. We want this to change! We plan for local organising meetings to feed into regular Scotland-wide Gatherings.

Next meeting: Edinburgh, Tuesday 24th March, 7pm
at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE)

The following meeting will be on April 7th , 7pm, ACE in Edinburgh.

On the agenda, Tuesday 24th:

1.What focus each of the summer convergences will have: direct action, education, movement building etc, And what some of the specific content will be.
2. What the exact dates of each convergence will be.

Start organising in your area!

- Get organising with people in your area and see how much time, energy and resources you can bring to a Climate Camp in Scotland. To be effective, Climate Camp Scotland needs to have strong, decentralised groups doing the planning and preparation.

- Please get in touch if you want to help organise Climate Camp Scotland! so we can work together to find meeting times and locations that as many people can get to from around the country.

- Host the Climate Camp Scotland Info Tour in your area, to find out what's happening this summer, what has to be decided and prepared, and how you can get involved.

- Email: to request the Info Tour and with any questions however big or small!