Warwickshire Cricket Club attempt illegal eviction at squat.

Warwickshire County Cricket Ground staff and contractors forced entry into 312 Pershore Road, Edgbaston Birmingham ignoring Public Order Act Laws and squatters rights.

At the first court eviction hearing with WCCC, Justice Not Crisis did not defend the action against 3 of the 4 properties held by them. The Judge ordered forthwith possession on those properties.

The next stage in the eviction process is to apply for a warrant and return with Bailiffs who are then empowered to take possession of the property and remove occupants.

WCCC obviously think they are beyond the law as the arrived at the properties and smashed down the door to 312 Pershore Road which was occupied at the time. JNC called the Police who informed WCCC staff that they were acting illegally. The staff then left and the building was re-secured by our members.

We have photographed and video recorded the incident links are available on our website.

At a hearing before District Judge Ingram at Birmingham County Court,on 25th March 2009, Warwickshire County Cricket Club where granted a forthwith possession order for 318 Pershore Road.

JNC defended the action stating that they had a tenancy granted to them from an Agent of the Cricket Club.

JNC are considering their options on an appeal to the European Court of human rights on the right of every person to a home. The Judge commented ” Every person who wants a home should have a right to one”

JNC will resist the eviction order when Bailiffs arrive, as we reported yesterday WCCC don’t normally bother with the next legal stage choosing to send contractors to attempt an illegal eviction instead.


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