Coal caravan coming very soon - route info & how to book if you are coming - & phone number

24 April-4 May 2009

Hello !

**Now we're enroute, contact us by phone if you are planning to join us and want to get in touch then please call 07729575582**

Here is the latest route plan and event diary for the coal caravan as well as the nearest train stations for people who wish to join us along the way.

Remember you need to tell us where you are joining/leaving the caravan!

There is alot of cycling involved! We will be cycling up to 45 miles per day (though usually less) and it will not be flat. We will however have different paced parties to accommodate the fastest and the slowest, but this is a great excuse to do some training at get fit!

You will need a working bike (see the Bicycology website for advice on on basic maintenance

You will also need to be able to carry all your belongings on your bike (see as there will be no support vehicle.

If you plan to join us after the Friday night, please make sure you arrive before 8.30am or after 6pm.

You can view a Google map of the route here, though be aware it is subject to change.

There will be some people travelling the route by bus, email for more information.

Fri 24th April
Meet at the Sumac Centre in Nottingham at around 3pm, for a bicycle fix-up workshop, Critical Mass, and a great vegan meal, before a send-off party in co-operation with the Demo ethical nightclub project.
Nearest train station - Nottingham

Sat 25th
Cycle to Shipley, Derbyshire, where we will be holding an activity afternoon and an evening event.
Nearest train station - Nottingham (morning) Langley Mill (evening)

Sun 26th
A walk with local activists around the Shipley open cast site. This will include talks on the natural history and wildlife of the area.
Nearest train station - Langley Mill (all day)

Mon 27th
Cycle to Doncaster
Nearest train station - Langley Mill (morning) Doncaster (evening)

Tues 28th
A press call outside Ed Milliband's constituency office at 10am, then cycle to Pontefract doing outreach and visiting sites along the way. The evening event is "the History of Coal; the future of coal", at The Main Hall, Pontefract College. Curry supper from 6pm., with discussion from 7.
Nearest train station - Doncaster (morning) Pontefract (evening)

Wed 29th
A walk to Ferrybridge power station, and from there to the site of the proposed open-cast near Fairbairn Ings/Ledstone, then in the evening to Pontefract library for a bicycle powered screening of the Age of Stupid.
Nearest train station - Pontefract (all day)

Thurs 30th
Cycling north, visiting sites and talking to people all the way.
Nearest train station - Pontefract (morning) Ripon(evening)

Fri 1st May
Cycling north.
Nearest train station - Ripon (morning) Newton Aycliffe (evening)

Sat 2nd
Cycle to Dipton, Stanley, Co. Durham, where there will be a welcome event about the Coal Caravan 7pm.
Nearest train station - Newton Aycliffe (morning) Durham (evening)

Sun 3rd
10.30am meet at Dipton Community Centre for a site walk in the beautiful area around Bradley. We will have a local historian on the walk which will be 4-5 miles, off road and unsuitable for buggies. The evening event will be "The History of Coal; The Future of Coal" at 7.30pm, Dipton Community Centre.
Nearest train station - Durham (all day)

Mon 4th
Workshops about campaign strategies and action training in the Church Hut at Cambois, North of Blyth. 10- 6pm. There will be children's workshops and games from 11.30am please bring bikes. 7.30pm Cambois Miner's Institute, a bicycle powered screening of the Age of Stupid.
Nearest train station - Durham (morning) Cramlington (evening)

Tues 5th
Relax then head home by train in the afternoon. You will need to book your train!
Nearest train station - Cramlington (all day)

Post: Coal Caravan, c/o 245 Gladstone St, Nottingham, NG7 6HX