Sizewell Camp and Demo - 25/26th April (& solidarity call-out for anti-nuke actions on Chernobyl Day)

No to New Nuclear Power - Yes to Decentralised Energy!

If you do not think nuclear power is the answer to climate chaos come and join us in the 2 day demo and camp this weekend.

Where - Sizewell A and B, Suffolk UK.
When - 25th April
Time -12 noon

Speakers include- Pete Wilkinson Co-founder of Greenpeace UK, CORWM etc (tbc), Peter Lanyon and Charles Barnet, Shut Down Sizewell Group, Mell Harrison, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Sizewell Blockaders, Rupert Read Green Party European candidate.

Bring a banner, friends, music, colour, costume, cakes and tea.

There will also be a camp on the beach over night so that we can hold a vigil
on the morning of 26th April, Chernobyl Day, to remember all those who are still
being affected by the 1986 disaster.

Bring a tent, water and a sunshade

More info contact 08453370282 or

Hope to see you there
more info and local (to sizewell) transport contact Mell 08453370282


Update- Since the press release below all 5 activists have had their bail conditions removed from 9am on the 25th April to 2pm on the 26th April. So will be able to attend..)

Sizewell Nuclear Power Stations-‘3 times a nuisance!’

The government has announced that Sizewell is one of the sites nominated for a new nuclear power station, Sizewell activists head to court and a demonstration against new build at Sizewell is planned. What a week!

Tomorrow (Friday 17th, 10 am) the group calling themselves the ‘Sizewell Blockaders’ Rebecca Dale 33 from Bungay, Mell Harrison 37 from Geldeston, Nicola Stikles 39 from Saxmundham, Irene Willis 60 from Essex and Pete Lux 44 from Beccles, are again appearing at Lowestoft magistrates court for taking direct action against the what they say are ‘unlawful activities’ at the nuclear power stations at Sizewell in Suffolk. The group are hoping to have restrictions on their right to protest lifted so that they can attend the two-day demonstration and camp planned for 25th and 26th April. The reason for the planned demonstration is two fold- one to commemorate all those who died and are still affected by the radioactive fallout from the disaster at Chernobyl and two- because the government has announced that sizewell has been nominated as a site for not one, but two new nuclear reactors.
Local campaigners are concerned about this choice. Mell Harrison , who works for Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and lives in Suffolk said, “The flood risks of the sizewell coast are clear, the maps given with the site nominations show just how high risk it is. 10 years of waste are in a fuel pond at the site now- it seems very irresponsible to build here,” she continued “ everyone knows the risks involved with nuclear power but we are being told it is a necessary evil to bridge the energy gap- this is not true. Models such as the Borough of Woking show just how decentralisation of energy supplies can work, not just at delivering energy but cutting CO2 emissions too’
Woking Borough has a population of 100,000 and has the largest domestic combined photovoltaic/ combined heat and power (CHP) in the UK and is home to the UK’s first small –scale combined heat and power/heat fired chiller system. Woking borough council have developed these projects, with Allan Jones at the forefront, through its public/private joint energy service company- Thamesway Energy Ltd, again the first of its kind in the UK .The council is now recognised as the most energy efficient local authority in the UK having achieved-
1. Over 80% CO2 cuts
2. 51% reduction in energy consumption
3. 44% reduction water consumption

At the demonstration the campaigners hope to highlight the Woking model as an alternative to nuclear power but they will need to wait and see if they are allowed within 100m of the site before this can happen. Only tomorrow will tell.

More Info.

Woking –
Sizewell new build nomination, including flood map-
Sizewell Blockaders


Call for actions on 26 April - the day of Chernobyl, against the construction of new nuclear power station in Belarus

A call out for common actions against the construction of a new nuclear power station in Belarus. 26 April the day of Chernobyl nuclear accident.
Present-day Belarus is a post soviet country, on which territory a regime, police state in form and neoliberal in essence, fortified its position. For already 14 years the country is run by one and the same person Alexander Lukashenko, a populist at the beginning of his governing and openly pursuing antisocial reforms now.
The freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly is not about our country. These basic values as well as the political opposition are suppressed. Peaceful gatherings dispersions, political trials, preventive detentions all this has become a norm of political practice in Belarus.
A few years ago the ruling top started to consider another venturesome project the construction of a nuclear power station (NPS). Lukashenko took a decision regardless of the public wishes and common sense. The decision was made with the active support of the international nuclear lobby. The construction is to be undertaken by a Russian corporation Rosatom. It is to be held in a seismically active zone, in a dozen kilometers away from Lake Naroch the largest lake in Belarus, which is ecologically unique for our country and is a tourists and holiday-makers attraction. On the construction will be spent $4 billion, which otherwise could be outlaid for alternative energy means development.
But the above-listed points pale before the fact that Belarus shared 70% of radioactive contamination after Chernobyl nuclear accident. But the government and the president are absolutely not concerned about that. They want to create a delayed-action bomb in the country, where one third of the territory is unfit for farming and berries/mushrooms gathering.
We, Antinuclear resistance, an anarchy group, come out against nuclear power engineering on the whole and against the NPS construction specifically in Belarus. A part of political forces in Belarus, including opposition, supported the NPS construction. Unlike them we do not believe in NPS safety irrespective of the political regime, within which it is functioning and being constructed. Our activity is based upon non-authoritarian principles, we do not cooperate with any political parties on a regular base, but with ecological organizations and grassroots initiatives.
On 26 April, the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, an annual demonstration Charnobylski Shlah (The Chernobyl Path) takes place in commemoration of the accident and the people who fell the immediate and lingering victims of it. Starting with the year of 1996 anarchists take part in the demo with ecological and antinuclear slogans. But nowadays the demonstration, instead of just mourning and commemorative event, is gaining a protest mood: in the country, where dozens of thousands people have died as a result of the nuclear accident aftermaths and hundreds of thousands have acquired accident-caused illnesses or become handicapped, a new NPS is to be constructed! And that is done according to the common regulations of an authoritarian police state not asking the peoples opinion, but just confronting them with the fact.
On 26 April we will again take a most active part in the Charnobylski Shlah (The Chernobyl Path), well try to pass along to everyone our clear antinuclear position, will inform as many people as possible of the approaching danger. But now it is not enough! As an instrument of struggle against the state lawlessness we rely on the international support. We urge environmentalists and antiauthoritarians of the world to carry out solidarity actions on 26 April 2009. We call for a decentralized day of action of any form, which could help people learn something about our problem and stop the impudent authority and their sponsors from IAEA.
If you already take actions on 26 April on your local problems concerning nuclear power engineering, please put on your list the demand for abolition of the NSP construction in Belarus. You are also welcome to participate in The Chernobyl Path in Minsk and other actions in Belarus.
Together we will be able to stand up for the right for life on a clean and ecologically safe planet!
If you have any intention to make solidarity actions with the Belarussian antinuclear movement or participate in the demonstration in Belarus please contact us:
Spread out the call out through any accessible for you information channels